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British American Tobacco (BATS)

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Up 2,982.50p
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Date Broker name New Price Old price target New price target Broker change
01-Nov-19 JP Morgan Cazenove Overweight 2,741.50p - - Reiteration
10-Oct-19 UBS Buy 2,810.00p - - Reiteration
28-Aug-19 Liberum Capital Buy 2,830.00p - 3,000.00p Reiteration
15-Jul-19 Morgan Stanley Underweight 2,925.50p - - Reiteration
18-Jun-19 Deutsche Buy 2,859.50p - 4,000.00p Reiteration
16-Jun-19 Morgan Stanley Underweight 0.000p - 2,600.00p DownGrade
12-Jun-19 Jefferies Buy 2,936.00p - 4,800.00p Reiteration
12-Jun-19 Liberum Capital Buy 2,936.00p - 3,000.00p Reiteration
15-Mar-19 Jefferies Buy 3,079.50p - 4,900.00p Reiteration
13-Mar-19 Liberum Capital Buy 2,980.00p - 3,000.00p Reiteration
28-Feb-19 Liberum Capital Buy 2,758.50p - 3,000.00p Reiteration
26-Nov-18 Deutsche Buy 2,717.00p 4,000.00p 4,000.00p Reiteration
12-Nov-18 Barclays Overweight 2,962.50p - 4,000.00p Reiteration
25-Oct-18 Liberum Capital Buy 3,608.00p - 4,100.00p Reiteration
16-Oct-18 Bank of America Underperform 3,176.50p 3,400.00p 3,400.00p Reiteration
19-Sep-18 Barclays Overweight 3,560.00p 5,000.00p 5,000.00p Reiteration
17-Sep-18 Morgan Stanley Equal-weight 3,669.00p - 3,920.00p New Coverage
13-Sep-18 Liberum Capital Buy 3,691.50p 4,100.00p 4,100.00p Reiteration
03-Sep-18 RBC Capital Markets Underperform 3,729.00p 3,900.00p 3,400.00p DownGrade
01-Aug-18 UBS Buy 4,181.50p 5,650.00p 5,650.00p Reiteration
27-Jul-18 Deutsche Buy 4,115.00p - - Reiteration
26-Jul-18 Berenberg Bank Buy 4,177.00p 5,340.00p 4,950.00p Reiteration
20-Jun-18 Liberum Capital Buy 3,779.00p - 4,100.00p Reiteration
11-Jun-18 Citigroup Neutral 3,746.50p - 3,900.00p Reiteration
04-Mar-18 Goldman Sachs Buy 0.000p 5,850.00p 5,400.00p Reiteration
26-Feb-18 Berenberg Bank Buy 4,464.50p 5,720.00p 5,340.00p Reiteration
14-Feb-18 Credit Suisse Outperform 4,440.00p - 5,800.00p Reiteration
29-Jan-18 Credit Suisse Outperform 4,875.00p 5,800.00p 5,800.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-18 JP Morgan Cazenove Overweight 5,062.00p - 5,610.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-18 Citigroup Buy 5,033.00p - - Reiteration
18-Dec-17 Berenberg Bank Buy 4,960.00p 5,720.00p 5,720.00p Reiteration
28-Nov-17 JP Morgan Cazenove Overweight 4,969.00p 5,610.00p 5,610.00p Reiteration
21-Nov-17 Berenberg Bank Buy 5,091.00p 5,500.00p 5,575.00p Reiteration
17-Nov-17 Jefferies Buy 4,983.50p 6,100.00p 5,900.00p Reiteration
10-Oct-17 Credit Suisse Outperform 4,888.50p 6,100.00p 5,800.00p Reiteration
20-Sep-17 Goldman Sachs Neutral 4,606.00p 5,340.00p 5,340.00p Reiteration
03-Aug-17 JP Morgan Cazenove Overweight 5,004.00p - 5,610.00p Restart Coverage
28-Jul-17 Citigroup Buy 4,960.00p - 6,400.00p Reiteration
28-Jul-17 Credit Suisse Outperform 4,960.00p - 6,100.00p Reiteration
12-Jul-17 Investec Securities Hold 5,278.00p - 5,500.00p Reiteration
23-May-17 Berenberg Bank Buy 5,420.00p - 5,670.00p Reiteration
09-May-17 Citigroup Buy 5,310.00p - 6,000.00p Reiteration
19-Apr-17 Jefferies Buy 5,185.00p 5,800.00p 6,600.00p Reiteration
24-Feb-17 Barclays Equal-weight 5,070.00p 5,100.00p 5,200.00p Reiteration
24-Feb-17 Credit Suisse Outperform 5,070.00p 5,100.00p 5,400.00p Reiteration
14-Feb-17 Citigroup Buy 4,930.00p - 5,600.00p Reiteration
10-Feb-17 Berenberg Bank Buy 5,008.00p 5,150.00p 5,670.00p Upgrade
23-Jan-17 Barclays Equal-weight 4,767.00p - 5,100.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Citigroup Buy 4,634.00p - 5,400.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Credit Suisse Outperform 4,634.00p 4,950.00p 5,100.00p Reiteration

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Market Data

Currency UK Pounds
Price 2,982.50p
Change Today 11.00p
52 Week High 3,197.50p
52 Week Low 2,375.00p
Volume 1,680,133
Shares Issued 2,293.85m
Market Cap 68,414m


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Ex-Div 24-Dec-19 03-Oct-19
Paid 06-Feb-20 14-Nov-19
Amount 50.75p 50.75p