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Cranswick (CWK)

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Down 3,478.00p
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Date Broker name New Price Old price target New price target Broker change
11-Feb-20 Shore Capital House Stock 3,718.00p - - Reiteration
11-Feb-20 Berenberg Bank Buy 3,718.00p 3,050.00p 3,850.00p Reiteration
11-Feb-20 Liberum Capital Buy 3,718.00p - 3,800.00p New Coverage
15-Jan-20 Shore Capital House Stock 3,384.00p - - Reiteration
07-Jan-20 Shore Capital House Stock 3,290.00p - - Reiteration
26-Nov-19 Shore Capital House Stock 3,236.00p - - Reiteration
30-Sep-19 Shore Capital House Stock 2,948.00p - - Reiteration
05-Sep-19 Berenberg Bank Buy 2,780.00p - 3,050.00p Reiteration
28-May-19 Berenberg Bank Buy 2,722.00p 3,050.00p 3,050.00p Reiteration
23-May-19 Numis Add 2,744.00p 3,200.00p 3,200.00p DownGrade
05-Apr-19 Numis Buy 2,854.00p - - Reiteration
06-Mar-19 Numis Buy 2,530.00p - 3,200.00p Reiteration
19-Feb-19 Berenberg Bank Buy 2,538.00p 3,550.00p 3,050.00p Reiteration
27-Nov-18 Numis Add 2,874.00p 3,450.00p 3,450.00p Reiteration
23-Oct-18 Berenberg Bank Buy 2,856.00p 3,625.00p 3,625.00p Reiteration
06-Aug-18 Liberum Capital Hold 3,306.00p - - Reiteration
10-May-18 Numis Add 3,040.00p 3,450.00p 3,450.00p Reiteration
02-Feb-18 Berenberg Bank Buy 3,092.00p 3,450.00p 3,525.00p Reiteration
14-Dec-17 Berenberg Bank Buy 3,188.00p 3,225.00p 3,450.00p Reiteration
28-Nov-17 Shore Capital House Stock 3,276.00p - - Reiteration
28-Nov-17 Numis Add 3,276.00p 2,870.00p 3,350.00p Upgrade
15-Sep-17 Berenberg Bank Buy 3,000.00p - 3,225.00p Reiteration
25-Jul-17 Berenberg Bank Buy 2,910.00p - 3,225.00p Reiteration
02-Jun-17 Berenberg Bank Buy 3,005.00p 2,850.00p 3,225.00p Reiteration
25-May-17 Numis Securities Hold 2,990.00p - 2,867.00p Reiteration
23-May-17 Shore Capital House Stock 2,956.00p - - Reiteration
28-Apr-17 Berenberg Bank Buy 2,682.00p - 2,850.00p Reiteration
23-Mar-17 Berenberg Bank Buy 2,490.00p - 2,850.00p New Coverage
03-Feb-17 HSBC Buy 2,300.00p 2,650.00p 2,650.00p Reiteration
02-Feb-17 Numis Hold 2,300.00p - 2,311.00p Reiteration
07-Dec-16 HSBC Buy 2,170.00p 2,650.00p 2,650.00p Reiteration
05-Dec-16 Numis Hold 2,182.00p - 2,311.00p Reiteration
17-Nov-16 Numis Add 2,300.00p - 2,536.00p Reiteration
03-Nov-16 Numis Add 2,247.00p - 2,456.00p Reiteration
03-Jun-16 HSBC Buy 2,346.00p 2,475.00p 2,500.00p Reiteration
02-Jun-16 Numis Hold 2,325.00p - 2,207.00p Reiteration
24-May-16 Shore Capital House Stock 2,331.00p - - Reiteration
11-Apr-16 Shore Capital House Stock 2,538.00p - - Reiteration
05-Apr-16 Investec Securities Buy 2,158.00p - 2,350.00p Reiteration
29-Jan-16 HSBC Buy 2,089.00p 2,110.00p 2,110.00p Reiteration
28-Jan-16 Investec Securities Buy 2,081.00p 2,065.00p 2,086.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-16 HSBC Buy 1,890.00p 1,885.00p 2,110.00p Reiteration
30-Nov-15 Peel Hunt Limited Hold 1,797.00p 1,500.00p 1,600.00p Reiteration
30-Nov-15 Investec Securities Buy 1,797.00p - 1,890.00p Reiteration
30-Nov-15 N 1 Singer Buy 1,797.00p - - Upgrade
14-Oct-15 HSBC Buy 1,715.00p 1,740.00p 1,865.00p Reiteration
28-Jul-15 Numis Hold 1,614.00p - 1,559.00p Reiteration
27-Jul-15 Investec Securities Buy 1,636.00p - 1,790.00p Reiteration
24-Jun-15 Numis Securities Hold 1,607.00p - 1,507.00p Reiteration
19-May-15 Numis Securities Hold 1,567.00p - 1,507.00p Reiteration

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Market Data

Currency UK Pounds
Price 3,478.00p
Change Today -522.00p
52 Week High 4,020.00p
52 Week Low 2,488.00p
Volume 265,667
Shares Issued 52.20m
Market Cap 1,815.67m


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Ex-Div 12-Dec-19 18-Jul-19
Paid 24-Jan-20 06-Sep-19
Amount 16.70p 40.00p