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Devro (DVO)

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Down 142.60p
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Date Broker name New Price Old price target New price target Broker change
25-Apr-19 Numis Buy 198.80p - 240.00p Reiteration
25-Sep-18 Numis Hold 210.50p 215.00p 215.00p Reiteration
20-Mar-18 Shore Capital Buy 197.60p - - Upgrade
28-Feb-18 Berenberg Bank Hold 196.80p 199.00p 198.00p Upgrade
27-Feb-18 Numis Hold 195.00p 220.00p 220.00p Reiteration
13-Dec-17 Numis Hold 221.50p 220.00p 220.00p Reiteration
21-Nov-17 Berenberg Bank Sell 234.50p - 199.00p New Coverage
26-Apr-17 N 1 Singer Hold 197.50p - 200.00p Reiteration
16-Mar-17 N 1 Singer Hold 194.00p - 200.00p Restart Coverage
12-Jan-17 Numis Hold 196.00p - 209.00p DownGrade
11-Nov-16 Societe Generale Hold 180.75p - 280.00p Upgrade
09-Aug-16 Numis Buy 236.00p - 293.00p Reiteration
05-Aug-16 Societe Generale Hold 243.00p 330.00p 280.00p Upgrade
04-Aug-16 HSBC Hold 250.00p - 275.00p Reiteration
04-Aug-16 Societe Generale Hold 250.00p - 280.00p Reiteration
04-Aug-16 Exane BNP Paribas Neutral 250.00p - 255.00p Reiteration
10-Mar-16 Investec Securities Buy 306.75p - 360.00p Reiteration
01-Mar-16 Investec Securities Buy 311.50p - 360.00p Reiteration
18-Feb-16 Investec Securities Buy 289.00p - 362.00p Reiteration
18-Nov-15 Numis Hold 301.00p - 309.00p Reiteration
17-Nov-15 Investec Securities Buy 296.00p - 350.00p Reiteration
17-Nov-15 Shore Capital Hold 296.00p - - Reiteration
13-Nov-15 N 1 Singer Buy 291.00p - - Reiteration
07-Aug-15 JP Morgan Cazenove Neutral 319.75p 281.00p 303.00p Reiteration
21-Jul-15 Investec Securities Buy 318.25p 320.00p 350.00p Reiteration
10-Jul-15 N 1 Singer Buy 310.25p - - Reiteration
10-Jul-15 Numis Hold 310.25p 308.00p 308.00p Reiteration
30-Apr-15 JP Morgan Cazenove Neutral 292.50p 276.00p 281.00p Reiteration
29-Apr-15 Numis Securities Hold 289.25p - 303.00p Reiteration
29-Apr-15 Investec Securities Buy 289.25p - 320.00p Reiteration
04-Mar-15 Societe Generale Hold 280.75p - 280.00p Reiteration
03-Mar-15 Investec Securities Buy 273.50p - 312.00p Reiteration
03-Mar-15 N 1 Singer Buy 273.50p - - Reiteration
03-Mar-15 Shore Capital Hold 273.50p - - Reiteration
14-Jan-15 Investec Securities Buy 289.00p 276.00p 312.00p Reiteration
22-Oct-14 Numis Securities Hold 248.50p 255.00p 255.00p Reiteration
21-Oct-14 N 1 Singer Buy 250.00p 257.00p 257.00p Upgrade
21-Oct-14 Investec Securities Buy 250.00p 276.00p 276.00p Reiteration
21-Oct-14 Shore Capital Hold 250.00p - - Reiteration
10-Oct-14 N 1 Singer Hold 232.75p 257.00p 257.00p Reiteration
06-Aug-14 Numis Securities Hold 243.25p 255.00p 255.00p Reiteration
05-Aug-14 Investec Securities Buy 247.25p 280.00p 276.00p Reiteration
04-Aug-14 N 1 Singer Hold 249.75p 211.00p 257.00p Reiteration
30-Jul-14 N 1 Singer Hold 256.75p 211.00p 211.00p Upgrade
04-Jul-14 Investec Securities Buy 250.00p 235.00p 280.00p Reiteration
08-May-14 Panmure Gordon Sell 227.50p 175.00p 175.00p Reiteration
02-May-14 Investec Securities Buy 217.75p 282.00p 235.00p New Coverage
28-Mar-14 Societe Generale Sell 230.00p 250.00p 220.00p Reiteration
21-Mar-14 Investec Securities Buy 234.90p 343.00p 282.00p Reiteration
06-Mar-14 JP Morgan Cazenove Neutral 256.60p 357.00p 297.00p DownGrade

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Market Data

Currency UK Pounds
Price 142.60p
Change Today -9.00p
52 Week High 221.50p
52 Week Low 126.20p
Volume 43,159
Shares Issued 166.95m
Market Cap 238.07m


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Ex-Div 26-Mar-20 22-Aug-19
Paid 07-May-20 04-Oct-19
Amount 6.30p 2.70p