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French Connection Group (FCCN)

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Down 3.35p
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Date Broker name New Price Old price target New price target Broker change
14-Mar-17 Numis Securities Buy 35.00p - 55.00p Reiteration
30-Nov-15 Numis Add 38.50p - 35.00p Reiteration
17-Mar-15 Numis Securities Buy 54.38p - 105.00p Reiteration
26-Nov-14 Numis Securities Buy 56.00p 105.00p 105.00p Reiteration
26-Nov-14 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 56.00p 80.00p 65.00p Reiteration
15-May-14 Numis Securities Add 74.00p 105.00p 105.00p Reiteration
12-Mar-14 Numis Securities Add 63.25p 75.00p 75.00p Restart Coverage
06-Feb-14 Numis Securities Add 47.50p 50.00p 50.00p Reiteration
21-Nov-13 Numis Securities Add 39.00p 45.00p 45.00p Reiteration
30-Sep-13 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 31.50p 29.00p 32.00p Reiteration
16-Sep-13 Numis Securities Add 32.00p 38.00p 38.00p Upgrade
13-Mar-13 Numis Securities Hold 27.00p 25.00p 25.00p Reiteration
21-Nov-12 Numis Securities Hold 24.75p 25.00p 25.00p Reiteration
21-Nov-12 Oriel Securities Buy 24.75p 50.00p 50.00p Reiteration
09-Oct-12 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 23.25p 25.00p - Reiteration
19-Sep-12 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 23.00p 20.00p 25.00p Reiteration
11-Sep-12 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 24.00p 20.00p - Reiteration
09-Aug-12 Sanlam Securities Sell 21.50p - - DownGrade
09-Aug-12 Oriel Securities Buy 21.50p - - Reiteration
09-Aug-12 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 21.50p 30.00p 20.00p Reiteration
09-Jul-12 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 22.50p 30.00p - Reiteration
11-Jun-12 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 20.75p 30.00p - Reiteration
18-May-12 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 27.25p 50.00p 30.00p Reiteration
17-May-12 Numis Securities Hold 30.00p 40.00p - DownGrade
15-May-12 Oriel Securities Buy 40.25p 82.00p - Upgrade
09-May-12 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 42.50p 50.00p - Reiteration
13-Apr-12 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 44.63p 50.00p - Reiteration
08-Mar-12 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 51.00p 50.00p - Reiteration
09-Feb-12 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 50.00p 60.00p - Reiteration
06-Feb-12 Sanlam Securities Hold 51.00p - - Reiteration
21-Dec-11 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 46.00p - - Reiteration
09-Dec-11 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 45.25p 60.00p - Reiteration
21-Nov-11 Oriel Securities Hold 60.00p - - DownGrade
21-Nov-11 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 60.00p 120.00p 60.00p Reiteration
18-Nov-11 Charles Stanley Buy 60.00p - 100.00p New Coverage
17-Nov-11 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 62.00p - - DownGrade
11-Nov-11 Cantor Fitzgerald Buy 71.25p - - Reiteration
28-Oct-11 Cantor Fitzgerald Buy 82.00p - - Reiteration
10-Oct-11 Cantor Fitzgerald Buy 75.25p 120.00p - Reiteration
19-Sep-11 FinnCap Buy 91.25p 130.00p 140.00p Reiteration
19-Sep-11 Sanlam Securities Hold 91.25p 100.00p - DownGrade
10-Aug-11 FinnCap Buy 64.00p 120.00p - Reiteration
10-Aug-11 Oriel Securities Buy 64.00p - - Upgrade
10-Aug-11 Sanlam Securities Buy 64.00p 58.00p - Reiteration
18-May-11 FinnCap Buy 91.50p 125.00p 130.00p Upgrade
17-Mar-11 Oriel Securities Hold 117.00p - - DownGrade
16-Mar-11 FinnCap Hold 124.00p 85.00p 115.00p DownGrade
16-Nov-10 Cantor Fitzgerald Hold 51.50p - - Reiteration
04-Oct-10 FinnCap Buy 53.25p 60.00p 85.00p Reiteration
15-Sep-10 FinnCap Buy 47.00p 60.00p - Reiteration

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Market Data

Currency UK Pounds
Price 3.35p
Change Today -0.20p
52 Week High 47.40p
52 Week Low 3.10p
Volume 31,900
Shares Issued 96.61m
Market Cap 3.24m


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